March 27, 2016


If you only read the first sentence of this review, that’s completely fine, just take this away: Tyne Chease is the best dairy-free cheese you will ever try.


I’m not usually one for buying alternatives, I like to make my own food, and I really enjoy meals made with beans, lentils and vegetables so buying meat or cheese alternatives just don’t normally come up on my radar. I was given the opportunity to review Tyne Chease, however, and I thought I might as well try it out as it looked interesting in comparison to the norma...

March 23, 2016

A lovely review of our artisan Soft Macadamia Chease by Nourishing Routes:


Being known as someone who enjoys vegan food, one of the many questions I get asked on a regular basis is "but what about cheese? !", shortly followed by "Oh, I could never give up cheese, as I simply love it too much" .


Well, I can understand where people are coming from, as the number of individuals who strongly dislike cheese are very miniscule in comparison to those who passionately love it. Like meat, we also have dedicated cheese shops and del...

March 9, 2016


The Black Cat Café (Hackney, London), are now fully stocked with our new vegan artisanal cheases and will be doing a special chease tasting day on Saturday the 12th of March! Flavours include Smoked, Garlic, Soft Macadamia, Ethiopian Spice, Sundried Tomato, Za'atar Spice, Pink Peppercorn, Dill and Mustard.


February 28, 2016


Our Original Artisan Chease topped with The Vegetarian Caviar Club’s Gourmet Seaweed Pearls on crackers is to die for! We certainly recommend this combination for any special occasion or event.


February 27, 2016


Thank you to all the lovely people who came along to see us and try our cheases at Brighton Vegfest 2016! We had such amazing responses from our customers and also completely sold out by 12pm on Sunday! It was our first festival of 2016 and we can’t wait to see where the rest of 2016 will take us…

February 20, 2016


Fantastic tasting at Farplace Charity Shop in Newcastle! Thank you very much for everyone who stopped by to try our new cheases smile emoticon pretty much sold out, who would have thought? But dont worry Farplace will be fully stocked up on Tuesday!

February 14, 2016


IT HAS FINALLY ARRIVED! The launch of the new Tyne Chease range!

Valentines Day 2016 will go down in chease history....what better way to love yourself, your dearest, all animals and the planet that we share in one delicious cheasy bite!

Check out our new cheases and new prices at our websitewww.tynechease.com


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