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Our Story

Tyne Chease Ltd was founded in November 2014, where Ami worked from a small 2 bed flat in Newcastle producing the first artisan nut based chease in the UK. Since then, we've grown as organically as possible, adding more and more products and dedicated employees each year and now have an amazing team hand crafting all your cheasy favourites.


Inspired by traditional cheesemaking methods, our cheases are cultured and aged, creating a unique range of products that will hold their own on any cheaseboard.


You can find our products both online and throughout the UK at independent retailers, or if you fancy a little face-to-face, come say hi at one of the many vegan festivals and markets we attend.

Our Team



  • Ami's Role: Managing Director & Owner

  • Started With Us: November 2014

  • Ami's Work Includes: Ami founded Tyne Chease Ltd in November 2014, creating the first artisan vegan chease in the UK. She now oversees all of our operational needs and product development, all while being a full time mum. What a legend!

  • We Call Ami: The Boss Lady/The Chease Queen

  • Ami's Favourite Chease: Ami often craves a bit of our Chives.

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  • James's Role: Director & Owner

  • Started With Us: February 2018

  • James Work Includes: Though James has always been involved with Tyne Chease Ltd being Ami's husband, he is now fully invested. He handles all financial and administrative aspects of the business including sales, accounting, business development and customer enquiries.
  • We Call James: The Big Bad Boss Man/The Coffee Monster
  • James's Favourite Chease: James's bit on the side is our Ethiopian Spice.


  • Adam's Role: General Manager

  • Started With Us: June 2017

  • Adam's Work Includes: Adam started with us as a Production Assistant and has since worked his way to the top. He now runs all day-to-day aspects of the business including all order processing and dispatching, quality control, production scheduling and staff management. He is also our resident tech guy and photographer. There's really nothing Adam doesn't do!

  • We Call Adam: Guvnah/The Hoover depending on if there's food in the vicinity.

  • Adam's Favourite Chease: You'll often find Adam fanboying over our Sundried Tomato.



  • Ainsley's Role: Production Supervisor

  • Started With Us: June 2020

  • Ainsley's Work Includes: Ainsley helps Adam in heading up our production room, supervising the making off the chease you all love. During our busy periods he makes the majority of our baby moulds for our popular Selection Boxes. He also heads up our dispatch team and is the second half of our photography duo with Adam. 

  • We Call Ainsley: Genghis aka The Baby Maker

  • Ainsley's Favourite Chease: Ainsley enjoys long walks on the beach and a weekend alone with our Truffle.

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  • Justina's Role: Production Assistant
  • Started With Us: August 2021

  • Justë's Work Includes: Justina, or Justë as she likes to be called, is the first of our 2021 hires and she instantly made an impression with some insanely good ideas, strong work ethic and overall epic attitude.

  • We Call Justë: The 'Machine' moniker has been floating around in reference to Justë.

  • Justë's Favourite Chease: Justë gets all 'Mamma Mia, here we go again' over our Marinara.



  • Willow's Role: Security Officer

  • Started With Us: October 2021

  • Willow's Work Includes: Protecting the company's assets relative to theft, assault, fire and other safety issues... but mainly birds. Checking visitors in and out of the area.

  • We Call Willow: Beautiful, sweetheart, gorgeous... take your pick.

  • Willow's Favourite Chease: Willow doesn't eat our chease, but she certainly goes nuts for the smell of it!

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