Sara Pascoe (Celebrity writer, stand-up comedian and actress): What would be your favourite vegan breakfast, lunch and dinner?


There is a new vegan product called Tyne Chease. I met the brilliant Geordie lass who invented/makes it, she gave me some for free after a show and its the best anyone has ever managed vegan-cheese-wise. I would eat that at all three meals, with maybe an apple and some crackers.

I ordered some of your fabulous chease for my dad for his birthday and he's absolutely made up with it! Thanks so much 😋

Bought the macadamia nut one today. You should rename it crackadamia. It's so addictive

Due to manning my own stall at Vegfest Brighton yesterday (Lincoln's Lunchbox), I unfortunately didn't have time to have a look around the event, but you guys were fairly near, so I did get the chance to sneak over quickly to taste test a couple of your cheeses. The 2 x I was really keen to try had sold out, but I got this one. It's gorgeous! I can tell you, there's none left today! Alert: Addiction risk!! 😋

Hold the phone... are you telling me your cheeses are vegan?!?! Make my dreams come true?!? 😋😋

Thank you so much. My prize arrived 10 mins ago. It's delicious. Can't wait for the vegan festival so I can stock up 😋

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