River Stout and Marinara Duo

River Stout and Marinara Duo


We always get asked, "Do you make a chease that is good on pizza?" As our products don't melt, we are forever saying no! Instead we decided to make a chease that tastes like pizza! Packed full of the classic pizza flavours of sundried tomatoes, basil and garlic with a unique twist of rosemary this is one for the pizza lovers out there.


River Stout:

Straight from the the beer worshiping mind of our very own Adam, this new creation is one for the wall of fame! Using a locally brewed imperial stout, we've crafted this uniquely flavoured masterpiece that is sure to whet the whistle. The beery sweetness of the stout paired with the tanginess of the chease, leaves the tastebuds craving more with every bite.


DISCLAIMER! Contains Alcohol! Eat Responsibly...

  • Marinara:

    Cashew Nuts* (70.3%), Water, Sun-Dried Tomatoes* (1.49%) (Sun-Dried Tomatoes, Salt), Basil, Himalayan Pink Salt, Garlic, Dried Rosemary, Probiotics.


    River Stout:

    Cashew Nuts* (64.1%), Water, Imperial Stout (contains BarleyWheat, Oats, Rye and Pecan Nuts), Himalayan Pink Salt, Probiotics.

    *Organic Ingredients (GB-ORG-05)

    Allergens in Bold. May contain other nuts, cereals containing gluten and sesame seeds.

    Weight - Approx. 160g each.