Nourishing Routes: Tyne Chease Review

A lovely review of our artisan Soft Macadamia Chease by Nourishing Routes:

Being known as someone who enjoys vegan food, one of the many questions I get asked on a regular basis is "but what about cheese? !", shortly followed by "Oh, I could never give up cheese, as I simply love it too much" .

Well, I can understand where people are coming from, as the number of individuals who strongly dislike cheese are very miniscule in comparison to those who passionately love it. Like meat, we also have dedicated cheese shops and delis, so obviously there is a demand for it.

However, when we speak of cheese, we don't necessarily mean that all cheese must be made from cows milk. Infact, despite being a previous fond lover of cows milk cheese, I can honestly say that I have been converted to a vegan cheese lover, and the quality and delicious selections you can buy these days really do make the "vegans can't eat or enjoy cheese" myth obsolete.

Up until recently, vegan cheese alternatives were known to be a smelly disapoinment, rarely exceesing much more than an artificial and floppy square that couldn't even melt under a scorching hot grill - In other words, a life without oozing cheese toasties ...

However, fast forward just a few years into an advancing age of food technology, and vegan cheese has more than exceeded the expectations of even the most snobbiest of cheese connoisseurs

Instead of a floppy mess, we now have artisan cheeses, that are usually made with plant-based milk and the same nourishing ingredients, i.e. bacterial cultures, as cows milk cheese - only minus the cow and any unnecessary exploitation. Thankfully, vegan cheeses are hitting our high street shelves, and allowing us to experience that cheese-tastic experience we have all been yearning for. Now that really is a happy cow moment.

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